Erika Szoboszlay, HUN

I have been participating in agility since 1992. Initially, I worked with German shepherds and since 2000, I have been running with border collies. I have been acting as an agility trainer since 1995. I have established my own club in 2011 when I erected my agility hall which is still in active use. I have been acting as an international judge since 2013. I have been organizing competitions in Hungary since 2002. Since that time, I have been organizing competitions monthly or bimonthly.

In the last 25 years, I could experience a huge development in agility sport. This hobby, once a leisure activity, has evolved into a real sport, a popular sport. Candidates wishing to rank among the top ones must dispose of superior level dog trainer skills and train the dog and himself/herself on a daily basis. Today’s courses also follow this trend, particularly at prestigious international opens.

As a judge and a participant, I love designing and running modern courses without breaking the dog’s drive and require, in addition to continuity, technical skills on the part of both handler and dog.

In the role of a judge, I also try to follow this tendency. I like to see both handler and dog smiling and gasping for breath after having performed my courses. I prefer avoiding dangerous situations or full braking with the dog without any reason and distances between the obstacles meeting the rhythm of increasingly rapid dogs in today’s agility.

As I got enhanced with precious experience, I also changed a lot along my judge career. As a judge, I aim that all couples feel comfortably when running the courses but not being able to negotiate them half-hearted. I wish all handlers shall dedicate themselves to the runs the same way as the dogs to.

During my short career as a judge, I mainly judged smaller competitions in Hungary with 100-180 participants. Abroad, I could act as a judge in the following countries up to now: Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, Slovenia and Ukraine.

Junior European Open is a competition continuously gaining prestige and I also consider this event as a crucial venue to develop and to retain junior competitors. Junior agility participants must encounter a significant but achievable goal in order to make them to a successful adult participant in the future. Not only parents and trainers but also judges bear considerable responsibility in terms of confidence strengthening of junior competitors. In knowledge of this responsibility, I am glad to be one of the judges at this event.

On 24-08-2018 I became a Mummy. My little girl is Anna, who will be with me and her father at JEO in Switzerland.

Elena Dmitrochenko, RUS

My name is Elena Dmitrochenko, I live in Moscow, Russia. 

I started doing agility in 1994 and since then I have been engaged only in it. I competed as an athlete with my airedale terrier Bimonti and became the Champion of Russia with him. In 1996 and 1997 I participated in the FCI World Championships.

I love dogs, I always have 3 dogs in my house. Now it's 2 border collies and the miniature schnauzer.

I have been an agility judge since 1998 and have a lot of judging practice, judging 2 to 3 competitions per month. I have judged a lot major national events such as: 4 Russian Championships, 4 Russian Cups, 5 Junior Russian Championships. I have the experience of judging competitions in other countries too: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

I am glad to judge the Junior EO and I will try to build good courses for this event.

I wish all participants peace of mind at the start, good luck on the course and joy at the finish.

Urs Inglin, CH

I come from Steinen from the heart of Switzerland. Since 1988 I have been practicing the exciting agility sport. Throughout these years I was allowed to experience this sport with 9 dogs. Since 1989 I could experiences and gain knowledge a trainer and coach and since 1996 also as a judge. 

In 1997 I made my hobby to my profession and since then I have run the agility dog school “ids inglisch dog sports GmbH”.

I am very happy to act as a judge at the JEO. I have started with agility at the age of 14, which was a long time ago, but I can sympathize with you, so it is a great honour to offer exciting and cool courses for today's youth and future agility stars. Every team that starts at the JEO has already achieved a lot and can be proud of themselves and its dog.

Each team will give their best, look for the ideal way, fight with its dog through the course and hope to have a little bit of luck on their side.

Only one team can be at the top, but without all the other teams victory is not worth anything! An event becomes certainly a highlight when everyone treats each other with respect, fairness and joy.

I wish every single team lots of luck, fun, joy, success, fast legs, cool heads, clever ideas, athletic performances and an unforgettable experience.

JEO is a place where dreams come true!

In this sense - See you in the Agility-Ring.

Jeannine Gloor, CH

My name is Jeannine Gloor, I am 35 years old and live in Central Switzerland. At the age of 11, I fell in love with Agility. At that time I had a border collie mix, later 2 malinois.

Today my companions are border collie «U2» (8 years old, Large 3), sheltie «T-Late» (5 years old; small 3), border collie «Movie» (1.5 years old, Large 1) and sheltie «Why not» (1.5 years old). I train them all in agility and we participate at agility competitions.

I could participate with all dogs with great success at many competitions in Switzerland and abroad. In 2018 for example I could participate with U2 and T-Late at the world championship in Sweden or become swiss champion with T-Late in the category small. And very important, the first competition with Movie. We are looking forward to everything else.

I am an active agility judge since 2013, since 2015 with the status international. My ambition is to create technical but fast courses with ideal lines and several possibilities for the handler and the dog.

I am honoured to have been selected as judge for the junior EO. I look forward to the juniors, to present my courses and I am courious about many exciting competitions.

Giacinto In-Albon, CH

I am born and raised in the capital Bern where I still live. Since my early teens I was fascinated by dogs and since 1995 I am actively participating in Agility. With two large and three small dogs I was happy enough to enjoy many success stories especially with my Papillon girl Xintya, an international legend. Participating at multiple EO, World Championships and national championships were among the highlights. As a dog trainer I could spread my experience. In the year 2005 I became an Agility Judge. I can very much relate to the feelings and anxiety such an event creates within everyone. I am looking forward to experience the tension and to participate as zone judge at this championship. You did it! You qualified for the JEO. A great accomplishment and I am giving everyone a symbolic rose and wish best of luck to you and your partner. See you soon.


Karl-Heinz Krause, CH

My name is Karl-Heinz  Krause.  I train dogs since 1991 and I'm participating in agility competitions since 1995. Over the years I have competed in many meetings in Europe with different dogs:  two Border Collies and at last with a little Podenco Mix.

The Agility-judge examination of the SKG I made at 2001.

With one of my Border Collies I have participated in the final at the Swiss Championships. 

In the past, I was allowed to judge various  agility events in Europe and I was  also judge  of Junior-EO in 2012 in Pinkafeld/Austria. 

It is an honor for me, as a judge, to be able to control the up contacts this year and at the same time to see your athletic achievements.

Rico Foelix, CH